Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Free Download 32/64 Bit

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Free Download 32/64 Bit

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Free Download 32/64 Bit

Windows 10 is very reliable that has been designed for its users to operate efficiently. It features an extremely nice and user-friendly interface. It can run on PC, Xbox one console and also even on the tablet computers. It increases the user experience to the next level.

Windows 10 features a fantastic look and feel plus it’s improved massively. The security is increased to the next level. A great deal of intelligent features like Cortana and encryption of files continues to be included. This is such an incredible operating system which provides you regular updates and make the body more stable. It is installed with a excellent amount of users all around the globe.

Microsoft also included the newest action center and it nearly works like the notification center. It gives you a quick entrance to the messages about the updates or fixes. On the other hand, the start menu is also returned. This is going to become the best feature of Windows 10.You May Also Like Windows 8.1 Pro

Features Of Windows 10 Pro Free Download 32/64 Bit

Storage Sense

Windows 10 got the first amazing feature called”Storage Sense”, It allows you to clear unneeded temporary files from the Own System and even the files in your Own Recycle bin which are more than 1 Month old

Game Mode

If you are addicted to PC gaming and running a lower spec system, the overall game mode might able one to play without any issue. It helps the machine to enables more your system resources to be allocated into your game and prevents the background processes to run while you’re running a match

Night Light

This feature allows you to turn off or on light on most of the monitors you’re using. You can correct the color with regard to the room temperature to just operate during sunset or sunrise hours. You can also place your own Customized hours.

Windows 10 Pro Upgrade

Shop With Edge

Microsoft edge has got another amazing feature that is helpful when you shop online. It permits one to find your very best deal. Up to now it appears to just work on retailers, such as BestBuy, Amazon, Target and several more. However now each customer have the access to enjoy this app. You just need to decide on an item, when you property on the product page, then a notification will be. It demonstrates to you that the lowest prices for another retailer as well which you may select from.

Print To PDF

Now you can finally keep your document as being a pdf version without using third party software. With Microsoft’s print to pdf, Regardless of What you print, this work with everything

Manage Notifications

Sometimes the notifications might get a little irritating. Thankfully there is a way to windows 10 aio to shut them up. You have got the option to completely turn off the notifications from applications and other senders.

Improve Interface

The interface is improved massively. The live titles are same as the windows but it will not include the whole desktop. Drag and drop of the titles are still possible. The additional feature which you will notice here is it is possible to unpin UN related things from titles and pin them back. On the flip side, they introduce the start button back in windows 10 all in the one which was removed in Windows 8.


Windows 10 introduces the snap functionality. It helps you to resize different applications and manage them independently of each other. It also lets you conduct different application on the same screen at one time.

Security Updates

Microsoft announces security updates for windows 10 . This time you have an improved security and stability feature for this awesome edition. The majority of the bugs have been fixed and enhanced the performance and security to the next level.Windows 10 32 And 64 Bit Full Version Free Download

File Explorer

It is also improved in the newly released version of Windows 10. Windows 10 a has got an improved file explorer.


A lot of new languages are added. Now you can operate it in your country language. The default language is still English.

Some Extra Features Of Windows 10 Pro For Better User Experience


Cortana is probably the most advanced feature and is updated in the most recent release by Microsoft with improved artificial intelligence.


A brand new and fast browser”Edge” is introduced with a few great features in it that can enable you to load your web pages with fast speed.

Start Menu

Super easy start menu with power options as well as also other interesting applications, where you are able to easily navigate things in a single click.

Windows 10 Features And License Key

Xbox App

Microsoft Xbox app for Windows 10 Pro download is really a favorite new feature. It is possible to easily play with Xbox games onto a laptop. It always gives you the ideal user experience. It’s best if you use it in your home on an area network, but it’s also interesting if you would like to play x box games in a different room in which that you do not have a TV. Screen recording is just another very best feature.

Mail and Calendar App

They both support Google accounts. Now you can utilize mail and calendar program without an view accounts. These apps no longer run complete screen automatically .

Microsoft Office

Windows 10 Pro downloadis sold with a impressive edition of this brand new stripped-down touched based office apps. Enjoy Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for free. They have been most useful for basic editing and therefore are rather simple with just enough capabilities.

Windows Store

The brand new version of windows store has combined each of the awesome apps, games, music, and movies but it still lake a few important programs.

Tablet Mode

A new tablet computer look in windows 10 pro down load is simply like exactly the same as Windows PC. It also works for two-in-one convertible laptops and drives helps you to switch easily between using a keyboard and mouse and flipping the hard-drive into tablet mode.

System Requirments To Windows 10 Pro Free Download 32/64 Bit

  • Hard Disk : 16Gb
  • RAM : 1GB
  • Processor : 1 Gigahertz Or Faster
  • Dispaly : 800*600

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