KMPlayer Latest Version Free Download

KMPlayer Latest Version Free Download

KMPlayer Latest Version Free Download

KMplayer is just a best multimedia player. You can easily play with your videos. Don’t worry if your videos has some format. Because kmplayer support Hugh number of format. In these days there are many video players are available that can play common and major camera format. However in some videos format they don’t have ability to play these kinds of videos. Thus we need to put in codec to support that format. However, if you were used kmplayer you don’n have to need any separate codec.

KMplayer is able to play any video format. KMplayer is getting popular because it has amazing distinctive feature. KMplayer supports 3D format videos. Just on click you can enjoy cinema at your home. KMP supports dual sound files so you can loves movies in English and also in you own language.You May Also Like VLC

Features Of KMPlayer Free Download

Media Files Organization

KMPlayer enables you to manage both your audio and sound files together with its robust Playlist Editor. You can create different playlists for your music and movies simply by clicking either Music or Video options present from your home screen, under Album Art section

3D Support

KMPlayer has added 3D video articles support, to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite 3D movies. Apart from Blu rays, it includes 3D Film Plus service app that allows you to look at 3D movie trailers, advertisements, and also documentaries from Discovery 3D World.

Service Apps

The Services Apps are created to work from within the player, so there are no different pop up windows to frighten you

Control Box

The Control Box allows one to tweak and alter a number of preferences. It contains a total of tabs at the top, containing Video, Equalizer, Subtitles, Playback loop, Frame Capture settings, and Preferences


DXVA, is a Microsoft API for Windows OS and also Xbox-360 video console. It’s included to allow video partitioning to be Hardware Accelerated.KMPlayer supports DXVA playback, but there is a tweaking required to get it working. It takes you to configure an external decoder namely MPC Video Decoder

Extensive Video Processing Settings

The thorough Video Processing settings are more than enough even for users. Expand the Video Processing configurations in Preferences window, and you will see options including Input Colorspaces, Output Colorspaces, Basic Video Filters, Resize Etc.

KMPlayer For Windows 7/8/10, Andorid And Mac

Advanced Audio Processing

KMPlayer also includes a slew of progress audio processing features for audiophiles. You may find all of the supported sound shredding options in the Preferences window. It not only contains an integrated Equalizer, but also includes different ambience effects

Support For Multiple Instances

Most media players only allow users to watch a single video at a time, however we found another excellent feature in KMPlayer that lets you see multiple videos at exactly the same time.

Quick Bookmarking

The quick book marking feature enables you to quickly bookmark your favorite part of movies and music videos. It lets you instantly bookmark any sequence, to ensure that you can resume the playback from where you left off.

Winamp Plugins Support

If you’re a enthusiastic Winamp consumer, then you’ll be pleased to know that KMP also supports numerous Winamp plugins. The program’s Preferences lets you set up different Plugins from Input, Video DSP, Audio DSP, Visualization, General Purpose along with DScaler sections.

Intuitive Screen Controls

The Screen Controls menu houses a number of distinctive display preferences, Which Range from configuring aspect ratio, movie dimensions into the players’ transparency degree

Customizable Keyboard/Mouse Actions

It’s a good idea to see that KMP enables you to make usage of both the keyboard and mouse to automatically perform various playback and video control functions. You can even customize these controls according to your preferences

System Filter Manager

The integrated System Filter Manager allows you to see the hardware and software components and filters which are being used to play the media document.

Custom Skins

Skin customization options allow you to tweak the overall outlook of this KMPlayer interface. It not only allows you to customize default , such as changing its color layout, but also allows you to download additional skins from KMPlayer official forum

TV Tuner Card Support

KMPlayer also allows one to play TV channels with television tuner devices available in the marketplace. This gives you a flexibility to customize TV channels According to your likings.

KMPlayer Old Version With Codec


Some Extra Features Of KMPlayer 

  • Already Built with incorporated Codec + Re-play environment
  • Strong, ceased picture capture function
  • Video capture function
  • Supports many different Types of media applications
  • Supports Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime, multiple audio streams, many different kinds of output devices
  • An Assortment of Sub Title functions
  • Supports low and large specifications
  • Image resizing function
  • Supports skin function and Winamp plugin
  • An Assortment of input, output color face function ASF/ASX, RTSP etc. real time broadcast viewing function
  • Frequency evaluation & wavy pattern output function

System Requirments To Run KMPlayer Free Download

  • Operating System : Windows/8/7/Vista/XP or 2000
  • Ram: 256 MB
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Hard Disk Space: 30 MB

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