Filehippo Winrar Free Download

Filehippo Winrar Free Download

Filehippo Winrar Free Download

WinRAR is a product that is used to compress and decompress files. The extension of the compressed files can be either .rar or .zip. Users have the choice to compress the files with any extension. In order to compress a file, the software divides it into small parts, which are saved by the extensions of .rar .r01, .r02, etc. Users should make a note that all these parts should be in the same directory so that the files can be decompressed easily. The current version of WinRAR is 5.70 and the package can be used to Encrypt, compress, and backup the files.

Features of Filehippo Winrar Free Download

There are many features because of which the software has gained much popularity among the users. Some of these features are described here.

Compression tool

Besides being a powerful compression tool, WinRAR also comes with many other features, which help to organize the files on the computer.

Fast operation

The software compresses the files very easily and at a fast pace to save time and disc space.

Various formats

The files are compressed in various formats, which include RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip.

Size of files

The software supports all kinds of files and the size that it accepts can go up to 9,000 petabytes. So it can be said that there is no limit to file archiving.You May Also Check VLC Filehippo

Multimedia files and WinRAR

The software has the feature of recognizing media files be it picture, audio, or video. The software uses the best compression method to compress the files. The compression algorithm that software uses can compress all kinds of files whether exe, object libraries, or multimedia files.

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Split archives

Users can use the compression software to split the archives easily in various volumes, which can be stored at different places and devices.

Sending and receiving data over internet

Various kinds of files can be easily sent and received through the web as they are compressed due to which their size is decreased. The software also includes 128-bit password encryption and users can also save the compressed files with authenticated signature technology.

Trial version

The trial version of the software is available and users can try it for forty days before purchasing.

Multilingual support

WinRAR supports multiple languages and so licenses can be bought for any language. If a user has purchased many licenses, he can mix them and use them for various languages.

Free updates

After purchasing the software, if there is any update, users can get it for free. They do not have to pay anything for the updates.

These are the features, which compels the people to buy the software as it can compress the files and saves memory on disk space. Now let us know about compressed files and the requirement of compression.

Compressed files

Compressed files are the ones whose size is reduced and after decompression, they come back to their original size. The files can only be used after decompression.

Need for compressing files

When the large files are compressed, their size is reduced which help to increase the disk space of the PC. Users can share such files easily as reduced size helps them to transfer easily and in less time.

How To Zip A File?

Take the following steps to zip a file.

  • Select one or more files, which are to be zipped.
  • Right-click on one of the selected files and click Add to Archive.
  • The software window will open and the user can choose the archive format, change the name of the archive file, select the size of the zip file, and then click OK
  • The file will be compressed and the compressed file will be stored in the same folder.

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How To Unzip A File?

Take the following steps to unzip a file.

  • Right-click the compressed file that is to be unzipped.
  • There will be three options which include
    • Extract Files
    • Extract Here
    • Extract to
  • Click Ok and the file will be decompressed.

Note: The Extract Files option will help the user to select the location where the decompressed files are to be saved. The Extract Here option will extract the file in the same folder in which the compressed file is located. The Extract to option will create a new folder and save the decompressed files.

There is one more method to extract the compressed file and the steps are given below

  • Right-click the compressed file and select Open with WinRAR
  • When the application opens, users can see the files and folders in the compressed files.
  • Select the files and folder and click Extract to button on the toolbar.
  • Select the destination and the files will be decompressed in the destination folder.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Filehippo Winrar Free Download

Advantages Of Winrar

WinRAR provides original algorithm of compression and can compress any kind of file.

  • Optional algorithm for multimedia files is also available.
  • The compressed files can be secured by using password.
  • It repairs the damages done to a file and locks it so that it cannot be damaged further.
  • The software can create multi volume archive in the form of SFX, which can be changed through SFX modules.
  • Users can archive any number of files as there is no limit.
  • The current version of the software archives files faster.
  • There are many formats available in the software, which the users can use to zip the files.

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Disadvantages Of Winrar

The compression and decompression of files depend upon the speed of the computer. If a user is archiving more than one file, then it will have an impact on the performance of the computer.You Might Also Like Filehippo CCleaner

Wrapping Up

WinRAR is very useful software, which can be used to compress and decompress files. The compressed files can be easily sent to the other users over the network and internet. Users can purchase the software as it is inexpensive.

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