Filehippo MalwareBytes Free Download

Filehippo MalwareBytes Free Download

Filehippo MalwareBytes Free Download

Malwarebytes is antivirus software, which users can use to protect their systems from various types of attacks. Free and paid versions of the software are available which users can download and use in their devices. The software is available for Windows, Android, and Mac users. The free version of the software is not good so users must go for the paid version.MalwareBytes Also Provide Adwcleaner

Versions of the software

There are four versions of the software, which are freemium, personal or premium, business, and enterprise. The freemium is available for free and other versions are paid ones.

Installation of the software

Users can install the software easily. Users get the option of trial version for fourteen days for the premium version. If the user does not purchase the premium version, then the trial pack becomes a freemium version. One subscription of premium version can protect only one device, running on Windows, Android, or Mac operating systems. The license is available for one year. It means that users have to renew the license every year.The personal or premium version is available for $39.99, business version for $57.99 and the enterprise version can be purchased by quote.You May Also like VlC Filehippo

Features Of Filehippo MalwareBytes


The interface of the software is complex as there are many details, which includes status, multiple icons, and five tabs, which include dashboard, quarantine, scan, settings, and reports. Users have to click scan and the software will do its job and show the results. The quarantine panel shows a list of files that are quarantined and users can either restore them or delete them.

The scanning panel has three types of scans, which include threat scan, hyper scan, and custom scan. The threat scan has the task of checking the most common infections like memory, registry files, startup programs, etc. and completes the scanning within two minutes.

The hyper scan checks only startup objects and memory and the checking is done within seconds. The scan also checks for software updates and if there is any, it updates the software. The hyper scan does not possess much power of detecting malware and other things. The custom scan helps the users to check the files and folders they want.

MalwareBytes Full Version For Pc And Mac


The settings in the interface have many features, which can be toggled on and off. Users can toggle updates, notifications, malware protection, web filtering, and other options. The software uses many techniques to protect the system from various types of attacks related to applications. Some of the options in the software are so technical that even experts are unable to understand what each option will do. Some of the options are easy to use and users can understand them easily.

Finding Malicious links

The software has the capability of finding malicious links and warn users from accessing them. Another feature related to the links includes URL filtering. This is a very useful feature as the systems are protected from the links, which can cause damage to the files.

Additional features

There are no additional features in the software. Users cannot find password manager, banking protection, and any other additional feature, which users get in other antivirus software. The software is popular for its simplicity and if users do not want any additional feature then the software is good for them.


The software does not detect any static malware but still, it is good for Android users as tests have shown that it has detected 87.2% of the viruses in the device and got 58th rank. Many other tests were performed on the software, which showed that it is unable to detect all kinds of threats and is termed as failed.

Real-time protection control

This feature enables users to check the system on the basis of applications. The software monitors only the applications that are configured. Users also have the option to add the programs manually if the software is unable to detect the program.

Fast scanning

The software scans the system very quickly in comparison t other antivirus software applications. The software checks registry, startup files, and also analyze other running processes. Users can also find a detailed report about the system after the completion of scanning the system. The report includes the type of scan, the database used for scanning the system, and the operating system which it has scanned.

Scan scheduling

The software includes schedule scans management tool, which the users can use to schedule a scan. The software can be configured to scan the system when it is idle. Users can schedule an unlimited number of scans and also instruct the program whether an update is needed or not. Another option that the tool includes is a recovery option, which the users can use to start a scheduled scan, which has been missed or overlooked due to any reason.

MalwareBytes Premium Version Free Download

History of scanning

The dedicated reports module in the software lists down the history of all the scans done the arrangement of the reports is ordered chronologically. Users can access the report by clicking the button. Users have the option to control the scanning it=f the system is clean.

Popup notification

Users who have purchased the premium version can opt for popup notification if the software finds a threat. The popup notification includes blocking of phishing website, quarantined virus, and modification of any suspicious program.

System Requirments To Run Filehippo MalwareBytes

Operating system

  • The operating system that the software supports includes Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The software is available 32-bit Windows XP version. For others, the software can be installed on 32 bit as well as 64 bit.

Hardware requirement

  • The software needs 800MHz CPU, 1024 MB RAM for 32-bit Windows and 2048 MB for 64-bit Windows. For Windows XP 256 MB is sufficient.

Wrapping Up

The software is available for all kinds of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. Users can use the software easily to protect the system from various types of attacks. The software is available for a cheap price and users to have to renew the subscription each year.


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