CCleaner Filehippo Download 32/64 Bit Windows And Mac

CCleaner Filehippo Download 32/64 Bit Windows And Mac

CCleaner Filehippo Download 32/64 Bit Windows And Mac


CCleaner Is Very Famous Cleaning Utility Tool Which Is Available For Both 32/64 Bit Windows 7/8/10 OS And Mac OS.Ccleaner Supports All Version Of Windows.Ccleaner Has Free Version And Paid Version Which Is Available For Mac OS Also.

CCleaner Utility Is Most Used On Windows 7/8 And 10 (Both 32 And 64 Bit) But It Still Support Vista And XP.The Free Version Has Less Features As Compare To Paid Version But Free Version Is Suitable For Personal Computers.

CCleaner is a software developed by Piriform, which helps the users to make their computer work fast, secure, and reliable. The software was developed in 2003. The software removes cookies, temporary files, and viruses along with unused data that makes the operating system slow. The software thus cleans the disk and provides more space and makes the OS work fast. The Registry Cleaner cleans the registry and fixes error in order to make the operating system stable.

CCleaner is a simple and easy layout of the cleaner which uses its skills to make your system free from any type of destruction. Before cleaning the system it analyze the whole system and then run the cleaning process by itself. You can easily clear the history, unwanted files, cache, cookies, temporary internet files, and with all this it can also clear Recycle bin of your system just by selecting the appropriate checkbox. This cleaner takes less than 30 minutes to scan all files and fixing them. With this, you can also manage startup programmes and uninstall the programmes which are not required in the system.

CCleaner is one of the best tools for cleaning your computer. It can protect your privacy and makes your PC secure and faster.It is intuitive and simple layout which can attract to users of all skill levels.CCleaner is liked by most of the people as it helps in managing all cookies so that you can’t delete those files which are valuable to you.  It also provides features through the online process but it is recommended for high problems, not for basic ones.You May Also Check MalwareBytes

CCleaner For Windows 7/8/10 And Mac

There Are Some Question Which Are Mostly Asked On Interent By User Some Of Them Are:

Is CCleaner Piriform 32/64 Bit Good And Free?

Yes, Its Very Famous Cleaning Utility Tool Also This Software Is Used By Millions Of People And Yes They Have Both Version Free And Paid.

Does CCleaner Contain Malware?

No, The Latest Version Of Ccleaner Is 100% Clean And Safe.Latest Version Is 100% Malware Free And Secure To Use.

IS CCleaner Registry Safe?

Yes,The Ccleaner Registry Features Is Safe And Very Easy To Use.It Can Fixed All The Registry Issue Which Is There In OS.

Which  Is The Best Alternative For CCleaner?

There Are Many Cleaning Utility Tool On Internet But CCleaner Is The Most Famous Tool.But If You Still Want To Try Other Here Are Some Alternative To CCleaner.

  • Clean Master
  • Glary Utilities
  • Advance SystemCare
  • AVG Pc Tune Cleaner

Features Of CCleaner

Features Of CCleaner Windows 7/8/10 And Mac

There are many features due to which CCleaner is popular. Some of these features have been discussed here.

Deletes temporary files

The software deletes temporary file and those files that take a lot of disk space. The freeing up of the disk improves performance of the computer.This cleaner is launched for making your computer free form cookies, temporary files, and data affecting your system. But with all this, there are many features of it such as.

Cleaning the computer

The default settings of the tool clean up the PC as much as possible but for tech savvy people many other advanced options are available.

Application tab

The application tab in the free version provides the information about the tabs that will be cleaned. The professional version has m any other programs that clean the temporary files as well as the logs from the computer. The application provides the information about the cookies and temporary files that have been deleted.

Registry Cleaner

The registry cleaner cleans up all the problems in the registry. Before clearing, it also provides the reason of deleting certain registry entries. If the user does not want to delete an entry, he can deselect it. Another feature of the registry cleaner is that it backs up all the registry entry so that if any problem occurs after the deletion, user can restore the previous settings through the backup.If the disk is full, then freeing up space may help increase performance, however running CCleaner every day does not provide you massive performance gains. Actually, in many cases, this may even slow things down.

Software Management

The CCleaner also has software uninstaller and user can uninstall the unused program one by one. The tool doesn’t have the feature of uninstalling all the unused ones simultaneously. The only thing a user has to do is select the program from the list provided by the application, and that program will be uninstalled.

Startup Manager

The startup manager clears the context menu of Windows. This is useful as there are some programs, which are not frequently used but are offered in the menu.

Plugin Manager

The plugin manager helps to remove any unwanted plugin that may cause a browser to act in an abnormal way.

Drive Wiper

The drive wiper helps to remove the traces of deleted files from the drive. If these traces remain, then the files can be restored.

Scan schedule

Users can schedule scan so that the computer can be scanned at regular interval. The schedule can be daily, weekly, or monthly. The user can set the schedule that when the OS starts, the software should start scanning the computer.

Automatic close

When software completes its task, it shuts down automatically and so user can do his work while the software is doing its work.

Automatic updates

This feature is available only with the professional version of the software and not the free version. If an update of the software comes, the software pops up for update, which can be downloaded in the background.

Updates System Application

It is a well-known fact that outdated applications are risky. Moreover, old software may have vulnerabilities that are identified as well as shared amongst cyber criminals. Here, CCleaner can update your software in order to close security holes.

Makes System Faster

When you browse the internet your system will automatically pick the unwanted files, history, and cookies. The same things happen when you run programmes on the computer most of the files and setting gets saved which makes your system work in a slow manner. With the help of CCleaner, you can remove all unwanted files and settings and makes space in a computer hard drive and then the system work in a faster way.

Fix Crashes and System Errors

When your system registry becomes full with useless files and broken settings, then in this, case the system gets freezes, crashes, and shows error messages. This cleaner is included with registry cleaner helps in finding these types of issues and fix them.

Customizable Cleaning

With the help of tools and options tabs available in the cleaner through which it allows cleaning in customize way according to the user need. If you are not well-informed user than you should definitely want a safe default setting for the system and save it from malware.

Deletes Private Data

The main and another purpose of the cleaner is deleting private user data. It means it deletes or erases cookies, browser history, and cache files from all browsers which you have already installed in the computer like Google Chrome, Firefox, and many more. Even it can also erase privacy risking data for the application.

Cleans Browser Data

Browsing internet means your system history gets full, cookies, and temporary files you stored in your system all these things can affect the system. so ccleaner deletes them too.


CCleaner for Mac is an effective, small utility for PCs running Mac OS X which removes the ‘junk’ that collects over time, broken system permissions, temporary files and other issues.It protects your privacy as well as cleans your temporary Internet files as well as browsing history.


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